Aspen Optics Launches Video over Fiber for Plug-and-View

Within this year, all analog TV in the USA will be phased out and digital TV will make fiber connection more widespread than ever. Already approved by The Congress, all TV broadcasters in America will end analog mode and switch to digital transmission. Television programmes will no longer be received by antenna, and a new era of completely digital TV will begin in America.

America is the first country in the world to have All Digital TV. There will be a sudden surge of video consumption on the Internet, creating a permanent increase in demand for bandwidth. As video is more bandwidth intensive than voice and data, video is occupying a big share of the total broadband traffic. The Internet is becoming the Videonet.

From Triple Play to Quadruple Play, the most demanding application for speed is video. Fiber is the logical medium to deliver video. High resolution images for Digital TV will require much more bandwidth than low resolution streaming. Copper connection is too restrictive to satisfy the growth of the Internet population and the vast amount of traffic created by video. Fiber optics is the most sustainable, cost-effective solution to meet high bandwidth requirements.

Video over IP will soon become synonymous with Video over Fiber, as the quest for image quality like High Density TV (HDTV) and 3D video will accelerate the use of fiber broadband for higher speed and bandwidth.

Based on an advanced optical transmission technology, Aspen Optics is launching the MetroBlazer MB2100 Video Optical Transceiver series to achieve long distance transmission of real-time, non-distorted and non-compressed video signal. Quality of Convergence (QoC) is essentially enhanced for effective interaction of video with data and voice in unified communications.

The demand for high speed video transmission nowadays is not confined to specialist deployment such as movie production, medical facilities, production line monitoring. Volume of video online is increasing tremendously as video is now omnipresent with plenty of popular applications such as CCTV security systems in residential and commercial buildings, video-conferencing for enterprise and Video on Demand (VoD) at home.

Video-Enabled Business Processes are on the horizon this year as a further development of Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), an innovation to integrate business processes and applications with network services like voice, video and data, enabling communication among customers, suppliers and employees.

Testing the bounds of possibility today in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a centralized digital signage system now up and running to connect hundreds of mosques across the country like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and other emirates, introducing LCD screens to provide information, lectures, videoconferencing, content distribution functions. With fiber to unleash the constraint on bandwidth, operators are now ready to embark on unexplored innovations and offer more video based services to enrich customer experience.

As customers are expecting user-friendly design especially for access level devices, MetroBlazer MB2100 Video Optical Transceiver series offers simple Plug-and-View to connect surveillance systems, CCTV and video cameras, just to name a few typical applications. The LED indicators enable users to check the operation status easily. To address the variance in standards from different countries, it is compatible for NTSC, PAL and SECAM. MB2100 is reliable, compact and simple to maintain.

MB2100 Video Optical Transceivers, used as a pair, extends the reach of surveillance cameras with the use of single-core optical fiber. High quality, undeterred video transmission is now easily achieved just Plug-and-View.

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