NetQoS Chosen by Savvis

NetQoS technology has been chosen as the foundation of a new network visibility service offered by Savvis. The service offering will provide Savvis Global Network Solutions customers with unprecedented insight into traffic composition, network utilisation, and application performance assurance on Savvis' MPLS-enabled Application Transport Services.

Savvis selected the network traffic analysis and infrastructure performance monitoring modules of the NetQoS Performance Center product suite to build the Savvis Application Transport Service (ATS) Performance Analyst offering. The embedded NetQoS technologies will help Savvis Global Network Solutions customers understand the levels of service they are receiving, including how the network infrastructure contributes to application performance.

NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer will show Savvis customers the composition of traffic across the network, including what applications are being used, who is using them, and how much bandwidth is being consumed on each link. Monitoring application flows is important in an MPLS environment to achieve continuous visibility of bandwidth usage, as MPLS injects new traffic paths between edge sites.

NetQoS NetVoyant will provide Savvis customers with reports detailing performance metrics such as jitter, loss, and latency for applications that are sensitive to delay across the infrastructure. For example, NetVoyant can run synthetic VoIP or video tests between any two devices, such as edge routers at remote sites. Insight into these types of metrics is critical because of the alterations MPLS makes on the network, including changes in routing paths and the size of network links.

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