Palringo is Launch Partner for Gigafone’s Ochre

Rich messaging service Palringo is one of nine launch partners announced by mobile marketing solutions group Gigafone at the launch of its Ochre digital advertising solution. Palringo will provide targeted, profiled ad inventory to brands and their agencies via Ochre.

Ochre provides brands, agencies and mobile operators with a holistic and simplified view of the advertising ecosystem. The intention is for Ochre to tackle the market fragmentation which, to date, has largely prevented the development of effective and creative digital campaigns. The aim is to unify, into a single platform, the four major parts of the mobile advertising ecosystem: campaign creation, planning, distribution and result measurement.

Palringo's role in the ecosystem is as a distribution mechanism. Kerry Ritz, Palringo's CEO, said: "The location and profile information of the Palringo user base will enable Gigafone and its Ochre solution to provide content that our users will find both relevant and useful. Palringo inventory is a real alternative to the failed experiment of replicating the banner advertising of the web in the mobile environment."

With demography requirements and purchasing characteristics changing on a campaign basis, Ochre has been designed to reduce the risk of mobile advertising. Advertisers can now switch delivery channels at the click of a button, making sure content-rich information gets to the right person at the right time. In turn this means consumers receive relevant and timely information about products that they are interested in, and advertisers can reduce wastage generated from blanket campaigns.

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