GyPSii Launches OpenExperience API

GeoSentric Oyj's GyPSii business unit has announced the launch of the GyPSii OpenExperience API (OEx), the premier all-inclusive platform for incorporating location-based social networking functionality into embedded mobile clients and applications.

OEx supports a whole new "user experience" on mobile devices, as seen on the iPhone and other new user experience based mobile platforms. OEx allows GyPSii partners to enhance their own products and services with the rich location-specific features, content and community of the GyPSii mobile social network. In using the API, partners can leverage GyPSii's vast international infrastructure and immediately offer new services to their customer base.

Unlike other mobile social networking platforms, which offer only a tiny subset of the desktop functionality, the OEx API is the same platform upon which GyPSii's own experience is built, providing partners access to new, feature-rich services from deep within the GyPSii community. It will give partners complete flexibility on how GyPSii is integrated into their own devices and applications, providing the platform to integrate anything from a single "create a piece of geo-tagged content" or "friend finding" feature, to a full social networking experience, including the serving of location based advertising.

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