Telstra Selects Openwave’s Service Management Solution

Openwave Systems announces that Telstra has selected Openwave Integra, next generation mobile internet service management solution designed to provide open, secure multimedia and multi-protocol service management support.

Openwave Integra offers Telstra a range of benefits, including the ability to rapidly scale to meet changing customer needs, as well as support new protocols, content types and applications.

Openwave Integra builds on Openwave's mobile access gateway expertise, enabling revenue-generating content access as part of a personalized content and communications experience. Openwave Integra's lightweight service intermediation is designed to support multiple protocols, including increasingly http-based traffic. Integra supports advanced protocols quickly and without the need for costly and time-consuming integration. The solution is also designed to rapidly scale and deploy new mobile data services across converging access networks and devices.

Openwave Integra provides Telstra an evolutionary roadmap with innovative services and benefits including:
• Cost efficient evolutionary roadmap from WAP gateway to next-generation data architecture, enabling Telstra to leverage its investment in Openwave's Mobile Access Gateway for WAP support;
• Rapid deployment of new services and ability to cost efficiently add capacity and new core proxies for new traffic, including open internet access and RTSP support;
• Common services framework for all protocols – WAP, HTTP, RTSP etc. with enhanced operations, administration and monitoring (OAM) capabilities across all traffics and services that enables ease of provisioning, maintenance, billing, analytics and operations.

Integra also gives operators the ability to expand the capabilities of their existing mobile gateway infrastructure with the option of driving new value-added services and monetization opportunities. These optional features include: Openwave OpenWeb, a content reformatting solution; Openwave Passport, a service that enables operators to tap into new revenue streams by offering on-demand mobile internet access to subscribers; Openwave OpenMedia, an open, multimedia content adaptation service that converts rich media objects like MS Office documents and audio/video clips to a format suitable for mobile handsets; Openwave Mobile Analytics, which characterizes & profiles mobile internet traffic, including subscriber access to URLs, the duration of website visits and how frequently subscribers are accessing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; and Openwave Mobile Advertising Solution, a targeted content and advertising solution.

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