Continuous Computing Supports Latest 3GPP Home NodeB Femtocell Standards

Continuous Computing, the only company deploying uniquely architected systems comprised of telecom platforms and Trillium software, has announced support for the 3GPP's latest Release 8 Femtocell Access Point and Gateway standards. With its enhanced Trillium Femtocell software portfolio, Continuous Computing offers all of the Trillium protocol software needed to support the new Home NodeB standards, including support for the Iuh reference point and underlying protocols RANAP User Adaptation (RUA) and Home NodeB Application Part (HNBAP) for both Femtocell Access Point and Femtocell Gateway Applications.

Continuous Computing is currently working with 10 equipment manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Asia to design and develop femtocell access points and femtocell gateways. The new Trillium Iuh software is a critical upgrade to the market-leading Trillium Femtocell Access Point reference implementation and is also delivered within Continuous Computing's Femtocell Gateway solutions.

The delivery of standards-compliant femtocell solutions gives operators more choice when looking at the different femtocell devices available, which will eventually reduce the cost of femtocells. The addition of new Iuh functionality in particular empowers Continuous Computing's femtocell customers to rapidly comply with the new standard, thereby reducing time-to-market. Trillium Iuh builds upon the widely-deployed and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)-compliant Trillium protocols RANAP, IuUP, GTP-u, and RTP, which are basis of the Iu / IP architecture and are brought forward in the 3GPP Home NodeB standards. This approach allows Continuous Computing's 10 existing femtocell customers to seamlessly migrate to support the new standard, while new Trillium Femtocell customers can start today with a standards-compliant implementation.

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