Trotontv Launches Visual Equine Social Networking Site is a new, free and highly visual social networking site for horse-people. It has been developed for the two-million-plus regular horse-riders in the UK, and for horse enthusiasts worldwide. The site has a fresh contemporary approach, it is strongly visual, and it enables members to communicate online and to upload, view and share. It is Facebook meets YouTube for horsey people everywhere. is open to anyone over 13. It provides a one-stop shop for all horse-people, from armchair enthusiasts, to novices and accomplished riders. It is a user-friendly broadband experience, and it stands apart from other equestrian sites because it is so dramatically visual, and because the members set the agenda. A visit to is predominately social. It is centred on sharing, enjoying and belonging. The site is led by its members because they upload the bulk of the content, and decide what to watch and when.

The site also links to breed societies including The Suffolk Horse, Welsh Pony & Cob Society, The Exmoor Pony Moorland and Mousie Trust, The New Forest Pony, American Quarter Horse Society UK and the British Percheron Society. Visitors to can also enjoy free horsey wallpapers and e-cards, as well as access to an online swop-shop to re-cycle unwanted horsey gear.

The content is designed to appeal to horsey men and women of all ages, but a great deal of attention has been focused on younger visitors. Women and teenage girls make up about 75% of the two million regular horse riding population in the UK and about 50% of those riders are under 25. has harnessed the latest Internet technology to enable members to keep in touch with horsey friends and to meet new ones. They can exchange notes, create profiles for themselves and their horses, upload photos and videos, participate in online polls or showcase their equestrian talents from shoeing a horse to driving a pony and trap. They can also view other members‟ profiles, make friends or form specialised groups with titles such as "Farriery and footcare", "foal watch" and "Horse and ponies memory lane". Members can view an extensive range of content with a stunning selection of photos and videos uploaded by other members. has been researched, designed and developed by two Suffolk-based horse enthusiasts. John Bethell is a keen rider with a marketing and finance background. He has worked with companies such as EBay, AOL and Google. Juliet Fishenden is a horse-trainer with extensive experience across three continents. She has worked with the top trainers in the United States.

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