Carrier IQ Partners with Huawei on New Datacards

Carrier IQ has confirmed it would be working in partnership with Huawei to launch a new range of datacards that will provide improved feedback on the mobile broadband user experience.

The cards incorporate a unique diagnostic engine to enable carriers to optimize and improve data performance using Carrier IQ's suite of analysis tools.

Announcing the partnership, Carrier IQ CEO, Mark Quinlivan, said: "These new cards will make for smoother delivery of mobile data services, improvements in customer care services, identification of network coverage gaps and increased awareness of actual user behavior."

"Everybody wins", he added, "the manufacturer of the card, the network operator, but most importantly of all, the actual subscriber to mobile data services."

With Carrier IQ's Mobile Service Intelligence software embedded on the mobile broadband datacard or dongle, customer care operators can accurately diagnose problems a subscriber is experiencing. Data fed back from the cards can also be used to improve network performance and to track any user experience issues.

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