Hogarth Worldwide Turn to Object Matrix for Data Protection

Object Matrix has supplied advertising implementation agency Hogarth Worldwide with its brand new digital archiving solution, The MatrixStore. This multi purpose data management system provides a secure archive for digital assets and eliminates the need for a physical tape library.

Hogarth specialises in producing and delivering global advertising campaigns. The company has a number of offices across London, Sussex and New York and provides an extensive range of services including editing, all aspects of production and post production, global implementation, and content management consultations. Hogarth has worked with clients such as Ford, BBC, MTV, Nokia, Procter & Gamble and ESPN and represents the ideal customer for Object Matrix. With such a wide array of disciplines available, the agency produces a vast amount of large media projects which need to be organised and stored digitally.

The MatrixStore solution consists of a cluster of off-the-shelf server hardware combined with innovative and powerful software. Extra storage can be added for the simple cost of an additional node. The MatrixStore provides users with a key word search tool to quickly and efficiently search through stored material. The cost effective and easily scalable nature of The MatrixStore makes it the perfect solution for today's digital workflows.

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