Gizmox Releases the Visual WebGui Professional Studio

Gizmox has announced the release of the Visual WebGui Professional Studio. The commercial version of the Visual WebGui Studio Suite enables the building of enterprise-class Rich Internet Applications and offers subscribers unlimited technical support with enterprise grade warranty and service level agreement (SLA). The new commercial Studio Suite offers enhanced developer experience (DX), full integration with Visual Studio and enterprise grade scalability and redundancy with server extensions. In addition, new enterprise-class services, such as prototyping, consulting, hot-fixes and more are available in order to optimize the development experience. Visual WebGui's Studio Suite will offer commercial deployments at absolutely no additional cost.

To date, more than 30,000 Visual WebGui applications have been deployed at companies such as SAP and IBM, and the number is growing daily. In addition, Visual WebGui's business Rich Internet Applications are in use by leading banks, insurance firms, government and military agencies, aerospace companies and others. To meet the market demand for a Visual WebGui enterprise grade Studio suite, and to accommodate the growing requests from the Visual WebGui community for commercially-warranted products and services built to support mission-critical application deployments, Gizmox is releasing its commercial Studio Suite ahead of schedule. This release will enable developers and enterprises to utilize Visual WebGui's cost saving value during the recent economic downturn.

To facilitate a smooth, easy and convenient transition from the previous open source Beta version to the new commercial edition, Visual WebGui is priced with the community contribution in mind. Developed and matured with the input of its large open source user base, Gizmox is able to launce the Visual WebGui Professional Studio in a shorter time and at a competitive price lower than its resource saving value, which reflects the support and resources contributed by the Visual WebGui user community. In addition, Gizmox will continue to offer users the opportunity to develop on the VWG open source platform and benefit from user support on the Visual WebGui community forums.

The Visual WebGui Professional Studio allows the creation of Rich Internet Applications and the efficient delivery of data centric applications using proven technologies. It delivers the ultimate Visual WebGui developer experience, as it was designed to be the fastest and simplest AJAX / Silverlight development framework, resulting in an RIA development productivity boost as well as enhanced end-user experiences, improved customer satisfaction and retention, and increased ROI.

The professional version includes the Visual WebGui runtime platform that enables desktop-like responsiveness and heavy-lifting abilities and allows multiple presentation layers generated from the same source code. This enables users to create customized applications, in DHTML or a rich, customer facing Silverlight UI using the same code base. It also contributes to a significant cut in development cycles for both DHTML & Silverlight with its Windows Forms-like drag & drop designer, complete integration into Visual Studio and ASP.NET, complete Windows Forms Controls toolkit, 3rd party controls wrapper wizard and more. This enables the leverage of existing staff, skills, software assets, and infrastructure providing an overall faster time to market and reduced development costs.

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