Paradial Announces RealTunnel 3.2

Paradial announces that RealTunnel is extended with additional H323 and SIP capabilities and names Lars Meløe VP Sales & Marketing.

Paradial's RealTunnel Firewall/NAT traversal product, which supports STUN, TURN and ICE, has been released in version 3.2. The new version adds additional traversal capabilities to SIP and H323, including automatic detection of connectivity and IP addresses changes, improved operations & management interfaces and reduced client footprint.

Paradial also announces the appointment of Lars Meløe as VP Sales & Marketing. Meløe, 43, has served since 2007 as chief executive officer of Viju Vest AS Stavanger - one of the largest resellers of videoconferencing and visual communication solutions in Norway. During Meløe's tenure, Viju was rebranded and restructured, and new branch offices were established. Meløe held various sales positions with Tandberg from 1999 to 2006, where he sold videoconferencing solutions in Norway and Northern Europe. Lars served as sales manager with Tandberg from 2002 where his responsibilities included establishing sales offices and recruiting distributors.

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