NetQoS Integrates with Cisco NAM

To help customers meet their goal of centrally managing application performance across a complex, distributed network, NetQoS has integrated its SuperAgent application response time monitoring technology with the Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM). The integration combines the NetQoS SuperAgent ability to baseline and analyse application performance across an organisation with NAM's high-resolution troubleshooting capabilities and embedded data collection capabilities.

The Cisco NAM is intelligent instrumentation that provides visibility into network and application performance to help ensure the consistent and efficient delivery of applications and services. SuperAgent uses this instrumentation to deliver an enterprise-wide view of performance, volume, and availability metrics across all NAMs as well as the ability to drill into each NAM user interface for high-resolution diagnostic reporting. SuperAgent also automatically investigates the cause of problems in a way that augments the NAM diagnostics. For instance, SuperAgent can immediately launch a trace route investigation for a network performance violation.

Because data centre NAMs can also become NetQoS data collectors, customers save the cost of deploying additional SuperAgent collectors. In addition to less hardware, the integration also means easier administration for customers, who are not required to do any configuration between their NetQoS management console and their NAMs.

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