Qualys Publishes 'PCI Compliance for Dummies'

Qualys has published "PCI Compliance for Dummies" in conjunction with publisher John Wiley & Sons. "PCI Compliance for Dummies" is the first accessible, easy-to-read written guide designed to educate merchant organizations about Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) which is now a mandatory requirement for companies that store, processes, or transmits payment cardholder data. "PCI Compliance for Dummies" provides the need to know information about PCI DSS and how merchants can best comply with its requirements for secure results. This book is co-authored by Qualys' Sumedh Thakar and Terry Ramos.

Within its five succinct parts, the PCI compliance guide leads readers through a primer on security risks faced by merchants who accept payment cards and also looks at the PCI requirements themselves and how each applies specifically to the merchant. Further, readers will become familiar with best practices and outlined steps to ensure compliance to prevent cardholder data breaches.

"PCI Compliance for Dummies" represents the company's second publication following the successful and informative "Vulnerability Management for Dummies" which explains the essentials of vulnerability management by educating readers on the available tools to manage vulnerabilities automatically, best practices, the pros and cons of automated vulnerability management as well as a valuable 10-point checklist for removing existing vulnerabilities in the network.

To download an electronic, no cost, version of either publication please visit:
PCI Compliance For Dummies.
Vulnerability Management for Dummies.

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