Callidus Software Launches TrueComp Suite, TrueProducer 5.2.2

Callidus Software has launched its TrueComp Suite and TrueProducer 5.2.2. The latest and enhanced versions of the TrueComp Suite and TrueProducer feature improved ease of use, implementation and simple integration with existing IT systems. Callidus Software's customers benefit from extended features and advancements in Web Services, administration capabilities, reporting and analytics.

The TrueComp Suite and TrueProducer now incorporate standards-based web technologies, such as Web Services and XML access to key data elements. Web Services allows for the solutions to seamlessly integrate into custom applications in any department. With version 5.2.2, organizations can make pay-for-performance data and compensation plans available to an existing sales-facing portal. This can dramatically increase the usage of the portal - given the critical importance of Callidus Software's data for any sales person. The web services functionality creates a simple and efficient way to request and input data with real time data exchange and fully customise the interface.

Additionally, TrueProducer 5.2.2 integrates with TrueAnalytics 5.2.2 to create instant insight from the TrueProducer Operational Data Store. The reports include active agent, license expiration, appointment expiration and producer status change updates, to name a few.

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