Enterprise Search the Key to an Efficient Information Age

The ability to provide all employees with a simple, easy and importantly accurate method to search for structured and unstructured data and information, is becoming acutely important for UK companies.

Enterprise Search offers great potential for companies from all UK industries to streamline and simplify their content management processes, according to Andrew Watson, Sales and Marketing Director at WTG.

"In today's information age, both in-house staff and external users are demanding that organisations offer effective and practical search functions. This ensures they are able to quickly find the essential information necessary to fulfil their daily tasks and queries", says Watson.

According to a recent Gartner report, the worldwide enterprise search market is set to rise by around 15 per cent and surpass $1.2 billion in total software revenue by 2010 - a staggering figure for such a young industry. In comparison, construction, the UK's largest sector, is expected to grow by just 12.7 per cent over the same time.

"The recent figures outlining its growth potential underline just how vital this sector is to not only to the software industry, but also the greater economy. By saving time and improving the quality of search, businesses across the UK stand to benefit from massive productivity gains", added Watson.

Traditionally, mainstream search technology has tended to focus on searching for information on the Web. But with the growth and popularity of social networking, Blogs and Wikis, this has changed the way electronic content is created and managed.

"A search solution saves time and enables people to focus efforts on using information, not finding it. By continuing to develop search functions effectively, takes us one step closer to creating a system that truly enables businesses to be efficient in this information age", added Watson.

Key enterprise search benefits include:
empowering end users to find and use relevant information, quickly and easily;
improving productivity by allowing workers to access information across a disparate range of information sources;
improved employee satisfaction levels through enhanced response matching;
compliance with regulatory requirements through rapid identification of relevant documentation and information;
reducing operational costs due to savings in time spent searching for relevant information.

Enterprise search is the application of search technology to information within an organisation. It is the practice of identifying and enabling specific content across the enterprise to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorised users.

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