New Version of the Universal Imaging Utility Launches

Binary Resource UK (BRUK), part of the company that originally developed Symantec's Ghost, has announced the launch of version 4.0 of Big Bang's Universal Imaging Utility (UIU), a hardware-independent imaging product that saves on staff resource and overheads at a time when IT departments are being downsized.

The UIU is the only product that works alongside popular disk-imaging packages to provide an out-of-the-box, hardware-independent solution that creates a master Image of a Windows operating system. The single Image can then be deployed quickly and effectively across disparate hardware platforms within an organisation, saving on manpower, time and money in the process.

Version 4.0 of UIU now contains the UIU Discovery Tool, which enables Users to select and isolate only those drivers that are applicable to their environment and include them in the Image file. By using a subset of the more than 26,000 plug-and-play IDs featured within the comprehensive UIU database, Users will experience quicker deployments, in addition to reduced bandwidth consumption. The product has also been redesigned with a more intuitive interface, allowing for easier navigation.

The UIU continues to be the only hardware-independent solution that includes ongoing maintenance for the driver database, which is regularly updated every six weeks. This is the only way to ensure continual hardware-independence as manufacturers continue to release new sound and video cards, chipsets and other components.

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