Comodo Introduces Comodo System Cleaner

PC users, despair. If your old PC is running slowly and you were looking forward to replacing it with a new machine with a high definition monitor, you waited too long. Comodo has eliminated your excuse by introducing Comodo System Cleaner.

According to, "COMODO System Cleaner is a light-weight, simple to understand and install application and has all the tools you need for optimizing, cleaning and tuning-up your system." PC owners can use Comodo System Cleaner to make their computers faster and more responsive.

Like its Comodo Internet Security and antivirus software, Comodo Security Solutions provides Comodo System Cleaner to users around the world free of charge.

Comodo System Cleaner features thousands of individual security and performance enhancements for personal computers. Users can improve their computer performance by cleaning unwanted files, tuning up their systems to run faster, diagnosing problems and installing utilities to help them manage their files.

- Improves visibility and control over computer's hardware, software, processes and performance with powerful diagnostics tools;
- Helps users manage their computer registries, including cleaning up incompletely-deleted software;
- Ensures complete on-line and off-line privacy by clearing the history, cache and temp files of Internet browsers, instant messengers and Windows applications;
- Protects privacy and data with essential security utilities like Permanent File Wiper and built-in hash value checker and more.

Users may also be interested to know that the latest beta version of Comodo System Cleaner, featuring all-new 'safe delete' feature, can be downloaded from this page.

Comodo System Cleaner is available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions for XP and Vista and Windows 2003 server.

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