Avecto Appoints New Advisory Board

Avecto has announced the appointment of a team of high-level advisors to help accelerate the adoption of least privilege and the removal of admin rights. The new advisory board will comprise David Sidwell, Julian Tanner, Guy Tarring and Howard Cooper.

The advisory board will provide independent advice to the executive board led by CEO Tony Bolland on the company's strategic direction and performance.

The advisory board will meet with the executive board on a monthly basis and individual members will be engaged on specific projects and initiatives as the company implements its plans.

Advisory Board Overview:

David Sidwell, Business Development
David Sidwell has over 25 years IT sales, marketing and management experience. His career spans roles in Burroughs Machines (now Unisys), McDonnell Douglas (now Northgate) and Intersolv (now Merant). From 1996 to 1997 he was European Vice President of the Microsoft Development Partner Insignia Solutions. In 1997 he was a founder Director of the information assurance specialist Vistorm, playing a lead role in their growth of revenues to $50 million. Since 2003, David has advised companies in a wide range of industries on sales growth and business development.

Howard Cooper (LLb Hons, Solicitor), Legal Counsel
Howard Cooper has over 18 years experience in international commercial law. He specializes in advice on information and security technology and is regularly asked to speak on information technology legislation most recently with Microsoft and Computer Associates. Howard is expert at advising emergent technology businesses on strategies to protect and exploit their Intellectual Property and commercial assets.

Julian Tanner, Communications Expertise
Julian Tanner has over 20 years experience in technology communications and has covered almost all areas of the industry. In 1994 Julian founded AxiCom which he has grown into an 80 person pan-European agency that now operates in seven countries Cohn & Wolfe recently acquired a majority stake in AxiCom to bring the agency into the global Cohn & Wolfe network. Julian has consulted to senior management across the entire technology sector, making a major contribution to the business success of clients such as Citrix, Red Hat, IBM and VMware.

Guy Tarring, Strategic Marketing
Guy Tarring has over 28 years marketing experience drawn from both the FMCG and IT industries. His 15 year career in FMCG included roles at Unilever, Kraft Foods, and Johnson and Johnson where he was Head of Marketing. Guy's IT experience includes positions as Marketing Director with both Digital and Vistorm. Today Guy runs a specialized marketing company, which he founded, providing services in both the B2B and B2C markets.

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