Confirmit Partners with Magnetic North

Confirmit has partnered with Magnetic North to deliver a hosted telephony platform that enables Global 5000 Enterprises and Market Research organizations to reduce the cost of telephone research projects and feedback programs and avoid the need for dialer hardware installation.

This advanced telephony service will be integrated with Confirmit's new software platform, scheduled for launch in Q1 2009. The resulting combined solution will become the world's first complete multi-channel, on-demand platform, suitable for any size and complexity of feedback program or market research survey.

Using Magnetic North's Hosted OnDemand outbound dialing and call recording technology, Confirmit will provide users with preview, progressive and predictive dialing, autodialing, call recording, and real-time audio-visual monitoring of telephone agents. These functions enable faster telephone research, higher interviewer productivity, and better cost control, as well as centralized management of each of these components.

Confirmit and Magnetic North's telephony solution is particularly well-suited to geographically diverse operations such as distributed call centers and those employing home workers, since it enables work to be outsourced easily via the Internet. To conduct research projects, interviewers simply need an Internet connection and telephone line or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection. This process reduces complexity, minimizes survey costs, and enables faster turn-around of interviews.

In addition, the solution provides easy 'burstability' for call center operators and other telephone operations: new interviewers can be added instantly to the system without the need to purchase and install new hardware.

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