Symbian Foundation Will Stimulate Greater Industry Growth

EMCC Software welcomes the recent announcement of the Symbian Foundation. The formation of the Symbian Foundation Platform will bring standardisation and increased certainty to application creators wishing to develop solutions for all Symbian handsets. EMCC foresees a significant reduction in platform fragmentation that will mean a combination of reduced time to market, wider addressable markets for new products, plus reduced porting and testing costs for the leading Smartphone platform in the mobile industry. This should also result in a significant number of new players licensing the new open source platform from the Symbian Foundation for an even wider range of products.

EMCC is a strong advocate of unified open source software written to common coding standards being freely available to all and applauds this very bold initiative by the major asset holders in the Symbian ecosystem.

"The reduction in fragmentation brought about in the common platform will allow a significant reduction in costs to our customers who require their applications and technology implemented on a range of Symbian devices", said Leigh Edwards, CEO. "The establishment of standards and commonality is of critical importance to the development of any technology industry but especially in communications based software. Placing such a vast amount of software assets into the hands of the whole mobile industry on a royalty free basis will create changes of seismic proportions. EMCC is delighted by this announcement and plans to be a very active participant in the new Symbian Foundation."

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