Callidus Introduces TrueTarget

Callidus Software has announced the expansion of Callidus Software's suite of software products to deliver corporate alignment with one unified system. The new SaaS-based software module, TrueTarget, combines SPM and Employee Performance Management (EPM) capabilities to deliver Pervasive Performance Management (PPM) across the entire enterprise. The concept of PPM offers a single, business-wide, pay-for-performance solution for companies.

Available in the fourth quarter of 2008, Callidus Software's TrueTarget software broadens the Callidus suite to provide objectives and bonus management functionality. It extends the value of Callidus' solutions beyond sales to every aspect of the business. TrueTarget software enables organisations to unify performance management of sales and employees on a single compensation management foundation. The software empowers organisations to align behaviors, actions, and tasks of all employees with corporate objectives. TrueTarget offers analytics dashboards that give managers and executives ongoing visibility to a Balanced Scorecard view of employee performance.

With TrueTarget software, businesses of all sizes can deliver pay-for-performance to all aspects of the business. This includes objectives alignment, goal management, bonus allocation and employee evaluation. The system links specific individual goals to corporate strategies. TrueTarget has the rapid delivery and low cost of a complete, multi-tenant SaaS solution. Until now, organisations have been forced to deploy multiple systems across the enterprise for different aspects of objectives management and variable compensation. Appraisals, bonuses, sales force compensation, and other forms of pay-for-performance are tracked by different systems, which makes aligning corporate strategies difficult. Paired with Callidus Software's sales performance management solutions, TrueTarget software allows sales and employee performance to be tracked harmoniously through one solution.

With the introduction of TrueTarget software, Callidus Software offers a potent suite of PPM solutions. This includes a single data repository, enabling only one point of access and data management for organisations and end users across the enterprise. The extended offering eases administration across all performance and compensation business processes. PPM unlocks a company's ability to combine sales and incentive compensation with key aspects of employee performance management.

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