Cortexa Systems LLC Acquires Cortexa LLC

Cortexa LLC has been was acquired by Cortexa Systems LLC, an investment group funded by Hidrock Realty. In conjunction with its acquisition, Cortexa Systems has also named Coleman Washington to be Cortexa's new President and CEO effective May 13, 2008.

Coleman has over 30 years experience in successfully leading start-ups, major corporate initiatives, and military system programs. His has extensive experience in successfully identifying and entering new markets, competitively repositioning in current markets, and delivering breakthrough products and services that drive sustained market leadership, while achieving impressive financial objectives.

Prior to joining Cortexa Systems LLC, Coleman held leadership positions at Texas Instruments, ROLM Telecommunications, IBM, Perot Systems, KPMG Consulting, Cabletron, Unisys, and three technology start-ups, including one that developed a first generation Home Control System over 20 years ago.

Coleman is a 1974 Naval ROTC Scholarship Honor Graduate from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Economics. He has completed the Distribution Masters Course at the University of Virginia's Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business, and the Business Strategy Masters Course at the Harvard Business School.

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