3CX Releases Version 6.0 of 3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX has announced the release of version 6.0 of 3CX Phone System for Windows. The most recent version of the software-based PBX ships with 10 key new enterprise-level features such as call conferencing, paging and Windows 2008 support. These 10 new features were developed by the international software development company in only 20 weeks.

10 key new features of 3CX Phone System for Windows v6.0:
1. Call conference service up to 32 participants.
2. Windows 2008 server support run a PBX virtualized.
3. Paging page groups of users to broadcast a message.
4. Intercom with two-way audio capability.
5. Support for Vegastream gateways (Patton & Audiocode already supported).
6. Enhanced SIP interoperability addition of support for many leading international VoIP providers and SIP phones.
7. BLF provisioning automatic provision of BLF lights indicating extension status on phones.
8. Phonebook Provisioning listing all extensions and allowing addition of custom entries.
9. Fax 3CX' fax server allows the whole network to send and receive faxes.
10. Extended HTTP API - ability to switch recording on/off, disable an extension, and disable outbound calls for an extension.

3CX Phone System for Windows allows businesses to completely break free from the restrictions of costly hardware-based, proprietary phone systems. It also includes many other features that make 3CX Phone System easy to install, configure, manage and use; helping businesses increase employees' mobility and productivity.

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