Market Pressure to Solve Device Management Issues Drives Service Providers, Industry Bodies, and Vendors to Summit

The TM Forum Device Management Summit on June 24th will bring together major industry bodies, service providers and vendors for the first time to discuss critical management issues in deploying and managing user devices.

It is estimated that there could be up to 1 trillion devices in the market within 15-20 years. That number of devices will be unmanageable within today's methods, therefore a more common approach must be forged across mobile, home and office devices.

TM Forum's Device Management Summit, co-located with Parks Associate's CONNECTIONS event in Santa Clara, CA, will provide an across the industry update on how these challenges are being addressed today, and a forum to voice issues and to discuss solutions for the future. This unique gathering of the TM Forum, OSGi Alliance, Home Gateway Initiative, DSL Forum and the Device Management Forum, gives all concerned in the industry with the information, potential solutions and ability influence solutions to this growing issue.

Key industry vendors and services providers that include Cisco, Comcast, Westell and 4HomeMedia are also participating in the event.

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