IBM Belgium Partners with BDNA

BDNA and IBM Belgium have reached an agreement for a multinational procurement relationship. IBM Global Services will offer BDNA's software as a managed service to its customers. BDNA's technology will provide IBM's customers with a comprehensive and accurate view of their IT environment within a few days, enriched with information from its unique product catalogue containing over 100,000 records of market data. Furthermore, the solution will be used on a continuous basis to track progress during the implementation of the client's IT optimisation strategy.

The resulting analysis will deliver essential information helping CIOs to successfully oversee, measure and report on the deployment of an IT optimisation strategy. For example, this includes the standardisation and consolidation of hardware and software, or the deployment of virtualization technologies to make cost savings. Most CIO's and their teams are under significant pressure to reduce total costs while delivering increasing levels of service to their business customers all of whom are scrutinising the CIO department's ability to deliver.

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