MCCI Lab Announces Wireless USB Test Capability

MCCI has announced certification as an independent test laboratory for next-generation Wireless USB products. Until now, WUSB products were certified through attendance at USB Compliance Workshops or at Intel.

Testing is available for products in the following categories: Host Wire Adapter (HWA) and Device Wire Adapter (DWA) end products, as well as native host (WHCI) and device end-products. When a product has achieved Wireless USB certification it can bear the Wireless USB logo on products or product packaging. Companies wishing to use the logo require a logo license issued by the USB-IF. The logo indicates to the consumer that the product has been tested and proven to interoperate with other certified Wireless USB products.

MCCI can test a WUSB product in one to three weeks without requiring the attendance of product engineering staff members. Independent testing in MCCI's dedicated lab will give developers of WUSB products faster time-to-market and will ensure that proprietary technologies are not revealed prematurely.

MCCI also offers compliance testing for ExpressCard, PictBridge, and Microsoft's WHQL.

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