CyberLink Live to be Bundled with Hauppauge TV Tuners

CyberLink has announced a cooperation with TV-tuner provider Hauppauge Computer Works. CyberLink Live will now be bundled with Hauppauge's WinTV products - WinTV-HVR-900 and WinTV-NOVA-T stick. The combination will allow Hauppauge users worldwide to enjoy live TV entertainment wherever they may be, through CyberLink Live's remote service.

CyberLink Live brings digital media entertainment on your PC to anywhere in the world. By "place-shifting" digital content from a home server, CyberLink Live allows users to remotely access live TV, music, photos, videos, webcams, and documents on any web-enabled device, via a user-friendly and highly interactive interface. The bundling of CyberLink Live with Hauppauge's hybrid and digital terrestrial tuners will allow users to enjoy the benefits of watching their favorite analogue or digital TV (DVB-T) programs remotely, streaming directly from their home PC.

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