Avistar Partners with Paradial

Avistar Communications has partnered with Paradial AS to integrate advanced firewall traversal technology into C3, Avistar's software for desktop and room-based videoconferencing and collaboration. The move means that C3 now offers similar simplicity and ease-of-use as consumer software, but in an enterprise-strength package that includes bandwidth management and proven across some of the largest desktop deployments on the globe. This enables organizations at all levels of a supply chain to securely link key personnel with face-to-face communications and collaboration tools, between virtually any location, and without concerns over ability to connect.

A good example of this new connectivity is the development of the Securities Community Network (SCN), a strategic platform for real time desktop video and data collaboration for the financial services sector, buy-side and sell-side research communities and their corporate clients. The SCN enables research leaders and corporate issuers to gain competitive advantage through improved communication and collaboration with relevant parties throughout the securities industry. The SCN also enables securities professionals to instantly share time-sensitive and valued information among their industry contacts. Avistar's partnership with Paradial means that financial sector firms and corporate clients seeking to join the network can easily download the SCN software and launch directly into the community.

The partnership sees Paradial's RealTunnel Firewall/NAT embedded into all versions of Avistar C3 Desktop, Teamroom, Teamroom MP, Executive Teamroom, Mobile Teamroom and available through both hosted and on premise deployments. Support for latest SIP-based industry standards (ICE, STUN, TURN) for multimedia communications enables C3 to work across virtually any firewall and network in a non-intrusive way, without any reconfiguration, and helps ensure the highest possible call quality. The improvements to interconnectivity and minimal need for administrator intervention also extend the value of Avistar's video-enabling capabilities for integration into third party unified communications systems.

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