KXEN Analytic Framework Version 5.0 Announced

KXEN announces the launch of its new KXEN Analytic Framework Version 5.0. In addition to performance and ease-of-use improvements, Version 5.0 offers new application components. Analytic Data Management, Executive Reporting and Risk Modeling provide powerful tools for companies using large-scale data mining automation across the enterprise.

KXEN Analytic Data Management's patent-pending methodology automates the production and management of analytic data sets with tens of thousands of variables from different sources of data, and has been optimised for performance with each of the major databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, IBM DB2, and Sybase IQ. Analytic Data Management allows KXEN customers to leverage their investment in data storage and provides the foundation for large-scale, enterprise-wide analysis 'factories' in which thousands of business questions are easily addressed.

KXEN Executive Reporting gives executives insight into the business benefits of the predictive models generated with the KXEN Analytic Framework. Executive Reporting allows management to quickly monitor strategic KPIs across large numbers of models, greatly simplifying the process of managing large-scale factory analysis initiatives.

Also new in Version 5.0 is KXEN Risk Modeling which provides risk scores for financial institutions seeking to manage and capitalise for risk. Providing scores that are statistically compatible with traditional scorecard methodologies, KXEN's Risk Modeling gives companies the opportunity to generate and update risk scores for each individual customer and transaction based on the latest available information.

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