Pinnacle Announces the Next Generation of Its Dazzle Products

Pinnacle Systems has announced the next generation of its video archiving and editing solutions, Dazzle DVD Recorder and Dazzle Video Creator Plus. With the Dazzle products even inexperienced users can quickly transfer, enhance and preserve their videos on DVDs. Dazzle Video Creator Plus also includes the Pinnacle Studio video editing software with its exclusive Pinnacle Montage feature and the ability to export to Apple iPods, Sony PSPs and upload directly to YouTube and Yahoo Video.

Dazzle DVD Recorder appeals to users who want a simple, reliable way to back up videotapes to DVD but who are not interested in editing them. The video editing features that are included with Pinnacle Studio make Dazzle Video Creator Plus suited for people who also want a cost-effective solution for enhancing their videos and sharing them on portable devices and on the Internet.

With plug-and-play connectivity, consumers can transfer video footage to a DVD using a PC. Users simply connect a VCR, DVD player, camcorder, or almost any other video device with analog outputs, to the Dazzle hi-speed USB 2.0 hardware. With the Pinnacle Instant DVD-Recorder software included in both Dazzle products, users can record from video source to DVD with one-click. Pinnacle Instant DVD-Recorder makes an exact copy of the tape to DVD through its direct-to-disc feature, and automatically adds DVD menus and chapter points by detecting scene changes. In minutes, users will be able to save their family videos from deteriorating, and can enjoy their DVD on any home DVD player.

In addition to the Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder software, Dazzle Video Creator Plus includes Pinnacle Studio video editing software. With the software, videos can be easily restored and transformed into high-quality movies with effects, transitions, titles and soundtracks.

Pinnacle Studio's exclusive feature, Pinnacle Montage, takes the complexity out of video editing by automatically generating all the necessary multi-layered effects, animated graphics and titles. Pinnacle Montage allows users to quickly begin editing with more than 80 single templates divided into 11 themes designed by professional producers and artists.

Pinnacle Studio also offers advanced audio controls, new convenience features such as marker tools in the Timeline, and support for a broad range of export formats and camcorders. In addition to DVD or DVD-image output, the software also supports DV, AVI, DivX, RealVideo. WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, output as well as MP3, Flash Video, WAV and 3GP file output.

Pinnacle Systems Dazzle DVD Recorder and Dazzle Video Creator Plus can be used with Windows XP (SP 2 or higher) or Windows Vista systems. The Dazzle products will be available through leading retailers, online resellers and the Pinnacle Systems estore by June 22, 2008.

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