Comodo Launches Partner Portal with New Tools

Comodo has released its Partner Portal, a destination designed for Comodo's web hosts, resellers, and affiliates where partners can get all of the information they need to set up, promote and sell Comodo's products. Importantly, the Portal includes specific information on all the different Comodo partner programs that are available and how they can be integrated into a diverse set of partner business models.

Comodo introduced the Partner Portal to help address partners' need to understand how to best leverage Comodo's diverse portfolio for optimum customer acquisition and retention. Some resource areas in the portal include:
- How to mine new customers opportunities based on Comodo's depth of products;
- How to optimize the revenue potential of existing customers;
- How to quickly integrate Comodo offers into a partner's site.

Further, the portal contains specific partner resources that show partners how to use their account, specific email templates that they can use to communicate with their customers and promote Comodo's products, and promotional materials on the latest Comodo products, including EPKI, TrustLogo and EV SSL.

The Comodo Partner Portal is accessible here. Those interested in becoming a Comodo Partner, either a reseller, web host reseller or an affiliate, can visit the website and sign up. The site contains information on how partners can set up their account and get started in the program.

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