Telstra Selects Streamezzo

Streamezzo announces that Telstra, an Australian telecommunications and information services company, has selected Streamezzo's software platform and professional services team to design, develop and deploy the first fully interactive Mobile TV service in Australia. Telstra's Mobile FOXTEL TV offering was developed and launched in late 2007 by Streamezzo in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent.

Telstra's new Mobile FOXTEL service was developed with Streamezzo's Universal Software Platform with the ultimate goal of creating the most unique, compelling and intuitive Mobile TV experience for users. The new handset environment includes an easy-to-use on-screen application offering ready access to the most advanced Mobile TV features available on the market today, including a video-on-demand catalog and an interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG). The cross-platform capabilities of the new offering allow FOXTEL customers with FOXTEL iQ to remotely record content on their home set top box via the EPG on their mobile handset.

Key among Telstra's decision criteria in selecting a development partner was a need for broad support for a diverse range of mobile handsets. Streamezzo's Universal Software Platform is compatible with all mobile operating systems and seamlessly supports video applications in both unicast and broadcast modes, with support for a broad array of audio and video codecs. Streamezzo's comprehensive software platform is certified for interoperability on over 250 mobile devices a number that is rapidly increasing each month.

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