Joy Global Implements Secure Computing's Secure Web Appliance

Secure Computing announces that Joy Global has implemented Secure Computing's Secure Web (formerly known as Webwasher) security appliance. By deploying Secure Web, Joy Global has greatly improved its network security, including protecting company resources from emerging Web 2.0 threats. In addition, Secure Web has provided the mining equipment supplier with flexible Web filtering and has reduced the time and costs involved in securing employee Internet use.

Before switching to Secure Web, Joy Global used Blue Coat's Web filtering solution that had several problems. First, the other product used a signature-based desktop anti-virus solution that left Joy Global vulnerable to malware and active code exploits targeting today's feature-rich Web 2.0 applications. By contrast, Secure Web protects against threats associated with Web 2.0 by analysing the reputation of all content entering the network. It also protects organisations from related outbound threats such as potential loss of confidential information.

Joy Global's former solution also lacked adequate reporting capabilities. Managers had to spend long hours manually matching users with IP addresses every time they needed to investigate an employee's Internet use. However, Secure Web makes it easy for managers to obtain user-based reports and information on mobile access. Also, because Secure Web uses Joy Global's existing authentication system, users are no longer required to log in a second time in order to access the Internet.

In addition, Joy Global's former Web filter did not allow role-based policies; Web sites had to be "blocked" or "allowed" for the entire company. As a result, one staff member spent 50 percent of each day responding to user requests to reclassify particular Web sites. Now, using Secure Web, Joy Global can assign each employee an appropriate level of access depending on his or her job function.

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