Mindjet Announces Mindjet Connect

Mindjet has announced Mindjet Connect. Mindjet Connect is an all-new SaaS platform that helps people achieve breakthrough insight into their work by visually tying together all of the ideas, information and people related to any project or plan. It extends the capabilities of MindManager, the company's flagship mind mapping product.

Today more than 1.3 million professionals use MindManager as an alternative to word processing and presentation software tools that force business thinking into linear, outline-oriented documents. Mindjet Connect, which allows teams of people to collaborate with MindManager, is part of the company's mission to ignite broader adoption of mind mapping techniques with a series of new Web applications and online services that make mapping and team collaboration more powerful and accessible.

Mindjet Connect is a hosted software-as-a-service offering that delivers three levels of functionality: the core MindManager mind mapping application; secure online workspaces where teams can co-create and edit maps simultaneously, as well as store and edit any kind of file; and unified communications tools like instant meetings, messaging and whiteboards. Teams can now use Mindjet Connect to collaborate on maps in real time. Real-time editing streamlines work processes and communications and minimises headaches and time-consuming version-control issues caused by emailing files back and forth. Individuals can store maps and any other documents in secure workspaces with version control and different access levels for various team members.

From their map or workspace, individuals can then chat with other team members and launch web conferencing to present information, share their desktops, and record notes collaboratively in a dynamic, online whiteboard.

MindManager enables people to create interactive diagrams or mind maps which show ideas, information and tasks radiating out from a central theme or goal, rather than in the traditional linear way. This visual approach gives professionals the advantage of seeing the big picture, working with information in context and drawing relationships between ideas, leading to better decisions and faster action. There are more than 1.3 million users of MindManager and sales of new licenses are growing by more than 20,000 per month. MindManager has a track record of spreading virally within companies and now thousands of people are using it inside some of the world's largest corporations, including Eaton, Medtronic, Motorola and Whirlpool. Typical ways that people use MindManager include:
Business and strategic planning;
Brainstorming and ideation;
Project planning and detailed project management;
Meeting and event facilitation;
Organising free-form thoughts, ideas and information.

English and German versions of Mindjet Connect are available immediately. Japanese and French versions will be available later in 2008. MindManager Web, a browser-based compliment to Mindjet Connect, is in beta now and will be generally available later in 2008.

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