IONA Commends Vibrant Apache CXF Community

IONA Technologies commends the Apache CXF community on the graduation of CXF from incubator to full project status at the Apache Software Foundation.

With over 60,000 downloads since July 2007, CXF reflects the growth in popularity of Open Source software and its broad appeal to Java developers as the easiest environment for the creation of Web services.

IONA's FUSE Services Framework is an enterprise release of Apache CXF and provides a fully tested and supported Open Source services framework for enterprise deployment. Apache CXF represents the merger of IONA's original Celtix Open Source ESB, hosted at the ObjectWeb community, and XFire from Codehaus. It became CXF upon the merger of Celtix and XFire and the movement of the project to the Apache Software Foundation in August 2006.

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