Personal Service for Staffordshire Police Community with Morello

Mediasurface has announced the launch of the new Staffordshire Police website. improves on the dynamic delivery of up-to-the-minute information about local policing and uses the cutting edge content management solution Morello from Mediasurface to deliver greater accessible, personalised content for site visitors. The website was officially re-launched on 9th June 2008.

Committed to the delivery of a safer Staffordshire, the re-launched Staffordshire Police website uses Morello Web Content Management to deliver personalisation technology aimed at encouraging tighter community links. Visitors can now click the 'remember me' box to view tailor-made pages hosting specific news, events and officer information for their neighbourhood. offers visitor access to community information, events and news whilst improved platform functionality means the police force can utilise new interactive technologies such as podcasts and vodcast to communicate with the public. In addition to greater personalisation and interactivity, Staffordshire Police's new website is fully AA compliant and offers people with hearing, visual and physical impairments total access to the policing information, news and crime detection and prevention advice boards, in a format most suited to their needs.

Keen to use the website as a pathway for instant community communication, Staffordshire Police intend to use 'unified messaging' technology that turns text into voicemail which can be accessed via police radio by neighbourhood officers out on the beat. Further enhancing the visitors experience of interaction with Staffordshire Police, other new features include a new interactive recruitment section where applicants can apply online, download forms and select to receive automatic email alerts regarding their application status.

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