Who’s the Daddy?

Photobox has revealed the findings of a recent poll looking at celebrity fathers. Mark Chapman, UK MD, said: "The Great British psyche is increasingly driven by the realms of celebrity, hunger for stardom and a barrage of reality TV shows – from Big Brother, to Britain's Got Talent. There are new celebs popping up on a weekly basis. So, we thought in the run up to Father's Day 2008 it would be great to ask people how they rate the UK's celebrity fathers."

David Beckham remains at the top of the style stakes with 69% of respondents voting him as the most fashionable celebrity father. Beckham's new best mate – Brad Pitt – came in second and scooped 20% of the votes. Perhaps the famous footballer's styling tips are rubbing off on the US icon.

In contrast, Brad wiped the floor with Beckham when it came to the sexy stakes. The one and only Mr Pitt won with just over half of all votes (51%) for the sexiest celebrity father accolade. Beckham came in second with a quarter (25%) closely followed by Jude Law, Jonny Depp, Will Smith and George Clooney – equal at around 6% each.

The most irresponsible celebrity father is perceived to be Michael Jackson with a little over 1-in-3 votes (35%). Cartoon character Homer Simpson ranked quite high with 10% of the total vote for this category. Other fathers who were nominated by more than 150 respondents each include; Liam Gallagher, Pete Doherty, Kevin Federline, Keith Allen and Eddie Murphy. Maybe there's a niche business offering of a 'celebrity father responsibility class'?

The overall winner of ugliest celebrity father goes to Boom Town Rat, Bob Geldof with 1-in-4 votes. Maybe the 'urban grunge' look is misunderstood by the masses? The UK's Prime Ministers – past and present – fared poorly within this category. Tony Blair secured 9% and Gordon Brown 16% of votes for least attractive celebrity father.

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