Replify’s Application Acceleration Suite now Gets Enterprise Management Component for Corporate View of WAN Optimization

Replify has announced a new enterprise manager that now fully rounds-out the company's REPTOR suite. With the REPTOR Enterprise Manager, companies with distributed operations and mobile workforces will now have complete visibility of application acceleration from data center to client.

The REPTOR Enterprise Manager makes it easy to manage a large REPTOR Accelerator deployment comprising many clients and REPTOR WAN optimized appliances. REPTOR Accelerator deployment is configured in the Manager using a simple-to-use and highly intuitive web interface. The REPTOR Enterprise Manager automatically configures clients and appliances with the necessary rules to ensure optimal WAN performance.

The Enterprise Manager fits seamlessly within the wider REPTOR virtualization approach to application acceleration. The software can reside in data center or branch office application servers – rather than dedicated machines or physical appliances. Indeed Replify is the only WOC (WAN optimization controller) player in the world to have such a comprehensive suite of all software based components. Together they achieve industry leading acceleration with minimal requirement for increased computing or connectivity infrastructure.

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