Samsung's L288 TD-SCDMA Features LifeVibes MxMedia Solution

NXP Software announces the integration of its LifeVibes MxMedia solution into Samsung's new L288 TD-SCDMA mobile phone. LifeVibes MxMedia solution for TD-SCDMA feature phones offers a complete, pre-integrated multimedia middleware solution including video telephony and TV playing. LifeVibes VideoTelephony is a fully integrated and tested TD-SCDMA solution, delivering plug and play interoperability, robust performance for a hassle-free user experience. LifeVibes TvPlayer allows excellent video streaming via high bandwidth 3G networks.

TD-SCDMA (3G) mobile technology has certainly big potential in one of the largest mobile markets in the world. Therefore China has invested in its own standard TD-SCDMA, which enables the rapid spread of telecommunications with a high bandwidth providing fast access to Internet services.

With the biggest sports event in Beijing around the corner - the Samsung's L288 TD-SCDMA phone, including NXP Software's MxMedia multimedia solution - enables consumers to explore and experience how the latest innovative digital telecommunication devices enrich "sports experiences" and their lives.

LifeVibes MxMedia offers a complete, pre-integrated multimedia middleware solution delivering superior user experience with low processing load and memory consumption, in a modular architecture. It includes LifeVibes VideoTelephony, VideoPlayer, TvPlayer, CamCorder and HandsFree for both voice and videotelephony calls. LifeVibes MxMedia is a robust and market proven solution, based on NXP Software's experience and unique IP in digital multimedia, consumer electronics and mobile applications.

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