NetQoS Introduces Trade Monitor

To help trade desk personnel manage the performance of low latency trading networks, NetQoS has launched Trade Monitor, a product obtained through the acquisition of Helium Systems. This addition to the NetQoS Performance Center product family makes NetQoS the only vendor that offers a passive Financial Information eXchange (FIX) response time monitoring product with a comprehensive network and application performance management suite.

Trade desk personnel are increasingly responsible for ensuring fast and reliable trade executions via FIX-based applications amid escalating volumes of trade data and the race to build high performance, low latency architectures. NetQoS Trade Monitor captures and analyses FIX protocol financial transactions to help trade desk personnel measure latency, speed troubleshooting, and reconstruct trade executions. The FIX protocol is a messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions.

NetQoS Trade Monitor reduces exposure to market risk by providing real-time notification of latency, connection, and session-level metrics to accelerate troubleshooting and dissect trade executions. For decision support, Trade Monitor offers both summary reports and detailed analytics to identify the best and worst trade execution times, track all orders, and perform retrospective analysis to locate and reconstruct any order. For each FIX connection, Trade Monitor displays the pertinent message level details including the FIX order chain, time stamps, and latency statistics.

In addition to trade desk personnel, network and operations personnel can use Trade Monitor in conjunction with the modules of the NetQoS Performance Center to ensure optimal application delivery and network performance. The combination yields specific capabilities such as:
Real-time service level reports on trading performance;
SNMP alerts useful in the network operations centre for troubleshooting infrastructure issues;
Cisco IP SLA tests for hop-by-hop network analysis;
Cisco NetFlow data analysis and reports for visibility into trade message volume and traffic composition.

Network architects can also use NetQoS Performance Center and Trade Monitor data to build low latency architectures.

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