Component Manufacturer Partron Selects NemeriX

NemeriX has announced a partnership with Partron, a component manufacturer serving the mobile phone and PND markets, to incorporate NemeriX's GPS solutions into Partron's components.

Based in Korea, Partron designs, manufactures and supplies RF modules, GPS components, VGA camera modules, antennas and other components to handset and PND manufacturers. Launched in 2003, Partron was founded by the technologists who led RF-development for the mobile communications division of Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Since its founding, Partron has become one of the world's premier manufacturers of RF modules.

By leveraging NemeriX's chipsets, Partron has significantly enhanced the performance and efficiency of its GPS modules - which are featured in approximately 70% of all PNDs sold in Korea and China. The enhancements delivered from its partnership with NemeriX will help Partron increase its PND market-share on a global basis, and also provide a competitive advantage for Partron's components in mobile phone markets.

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