Relationships Blossom on Social Networks

Cupid has part-exchanged his bow and arrow for a mobile phone as over half of today's singles (54%) are finding love through social networking, according to a poll by Wadja, the mobile web, media and messaging service.

The research of 500 social networkers across Europe into mobile living and mobile social networking, indicates that 37% of users flirt, organise their love life and meet new people through social networking.

58% of those interviewed use social networking to keep in touch with friends and 87% say their social lives would suffer without it. Only 5% believe their social life would not be affected without access to social networking sites.

Alex Christoforou, Managing Director at Wadja comments: "Finding love today is difficult - people have less time and more commitments. If you can provide a tool to meet new people on the go, this has to be a good thing."

When asked which language social networkers would most like to communicate in, unsurprisingly English came out on top (74%), but perhaps more surprisingly Klingon (1%) is more popular than Japanese (0%)!

Alex Christoforou concluded: "Social networkers are a new breed of communicators, where language, location and time do not matter and technology has to keep up with them!"

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