SafeNet Acquires Assets of Beep Science AS

SafeNet has acquired assets of Beep Science AS, a provider of mobile Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. "This acquisition supports SafeNet's ongoing commitment to delivering complete end-to-end security solutions to the mobile industry", said Prakash Panjwani, senior vice president and general manager, Commercial Security Division, SafeNet. "Beep Science's DRM software solutions complements SafeNet's portfolio of mobile security solutions to comprehensively address the encryption and data protection needs of all customers across the mobile value chain."

SafeNet will integrate Beep Science's mobile DRM software to offer the market's only end-to-end, open standards-based Digital Rights Management solutions for service providers, device manufacturers, platform vendors, and content owners.

Beep Science's DRM software will join the portfolio of mobile content and mobile platform security applications already offered by SafeNet including IMS security, data-at-rest encryption, mobile VPN software, and protection against device cloning, SIM unlocking, and device re-imaging.

SafeNet will continue to work with Beep Science's customers, partners, standards bodies, and leading industry organisations to define the future of mobile-based service and content distribution, consumption, networking. The company is strongly committed to driving the adoption of standards-based DRM and mobile networking solutions.

The combination of SafeNet-Beep Science solutions will become part of SafeNet's Commercial Security Division under the direction of Mr. Panjwani.

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