Masternaut Three X Signs Agreement with 360 Scheduling

Masternaut Three X has signed a long-term agreement with 360 Scheduling to integrate 360's Dynamic Scheduling Engine. The licensing deal worth $2 million is, by value and by number of licenses, the largest agreement of its kind ever signed in the mobile technology industry.

"Following on from Masternaut's acquisition of Three X from GE last year, which firmly established Masternaut Three X as the visionary providers of mobile technology, we have been striving to help our customers reduce their travelling time as part of our greenerfleet initiative", said Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut Three X. "Embedding the world's most advanced real-time scheduling and optimisation capabilities enables our customers to maximise the return on investment by reducing their operating costs even further, while radically improving their quality of service delivery. We considered all the leading scheduling suppliers and rapidly came to the conclusion that 360 Scheduling's web-based product range was so far ahead of its competitors that in truth the choice was made for us, " continued Port. "We have integrated the 360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine in our hosted Mobile Resource Management application suite and are able to deliver exceptional value to our customers at the touch of a button, cutting right across the complexity, cost and delays normally associated with the deployment of advanced scheduling systems."

"Not only do we consider Masternaut Three X a visionary organisation", said Laurent Othacéhé, Chief Executive Officer of 360 Scheduling", but we have been most impressed by the unique functional depth of their web-based solutions and the wider benefits offered by the greenerfleet initiative. We are proud that 360 Scheduling, the world's leading provider of scheduling technology, can play a part in helping reduce our customers' carbon footprint while maximising their return on investment", continued Othacéhé.

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