Ikivo Announces Next Generation of Its Enrich Product Suite

Ikivo announces the next generation of its Enrich product suite. Dating back to the end of 2006, numerous leading mobile operators have deployed compelling rich media solutions into production environments using the Ikivo Enrich Application Framework. Building on this success, Ikivo announces the next step of its Enrich offerings by launching customizable solutions for highly compelling mobile services, starting with Mobile TV, Mobile Music and On-device Portals.

Ikivo Enrich Solutions include customizable products for delivering On-device Portals, Mobile TV and Mobile Music, ensuring rapid time to market. In order to maximize a mobile operator's reach, Ikivo extends the Enrich Application Framework support to cover not only all open OS mobile phones, but to also include Java devices. Deploying a uniform service across device platforms ensures maximum market reach while simultaneously decreasing the cost of maintenance.

Combining the vendor-neutral open standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with a set of Ajax web technologies has proven to be a winning formula for deployment of extendable and flexible mobile rich media services that drive data revenues and increase user retention. Extending external web services by combining them with interfaces to device resources and applications such as cameras, messaging agents, gps, and media players empowers Enrich Solutions to deliver a seamless on-line and off-line user experience.

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