PermissionTV Launches PermissionTV SmartPlayer

PermissionTV has launched PermissionTV SmartPlayer. The platform offers major brands, media companies and publishers, the technology to engage new audiences, enhance relationships, drive advertising revenue and maximize customer value through rich, interactive video experiences. PermissionTV's patent-pending SmartPlayer technology responds to viewer needs and preferences in real time to deliver the most relevant and engaging user experience.

Leading organizations including Adobe, Bob Vila, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Cygnus Business Media, Harvard Business School Publishing, Intercontinental Hotels and Toyota Scion and their partner advertising and interactive agencies are using PermissionTV SmartPlayer to create their own branded, online video initiatives for a wide array of marketing objectives.

Key PermissionTV SmartPlayer features include:
- Smart Playlists presents video content based on targeting rules that combine viewer information (e.g., demographics, geographic location) and business objectives;
- Video Overlay delivers supplementary information during video playback such as commentary, links to additional content, product purchase options, etc.;
- Integrated Viewer Feedback gives viewers the opportunity to provide feedback during video playback through voting, polls, clickable graphics, etc.;
- Branching facilitates a real-time change in the content path based on previous activity or viewer action to optimize relevancy;
- Hotspotting highlights areas within the video for selection to trigger activities such as learning more detail or purchasing a product;
- Contextual Viewer Notes allows viewers to add notes directly into the video experience, creating personalized messages to share with friends;
- Tag-based Viewing enables videos to be tagged and re-organized to create new viewing experiences;
- Ad Serving supports the integration of multiple ad servers and formats within one video experience to give viewers the most content-relevant advertising and presentation;
- Syndication enables all capabilities to travel with the video for distribution to other sites, blogs and social networks including MySpace and Facebook.

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