Toshiba Rolls Out e-BRIDGE Re-Search Software for e-STUDIO MFPs

Toshiba America Business Solutions has announced the immediate availability of e-BRIDGE Re-Search, an e-Discovery data management solution, to Toshiba's nationwide network of dealers. For the first time, new and existing e-STUDIO customers can integrate a unified cross-platform data management system to automatically index, track and recall online and archived documents, as well as email with a single software solution, without having to consolidate the data into a new storage system. Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Re-Search is easy-to-use intuitive software that brings businesses to 100 percent compliance with the Dec. 1, 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures.

Developed exclusively for the Toshiba e-STUDIO multifunction product (MFP) family, e-BRIDGE Re-Search eliminates the need for a company to individually key search tags or parameters on files as they are scanned or stored on the network. The program indexes the contents of all network documents including file metadata in real time, delivering accurate and unique tags to help create faster and more accurate search results. The e-BRIDGE Re-Search solution integrates advanced search engine technology into a file management system and unstructured database, delivering a unique and intuitive solution for finding data anywhere on a corporate network while simultaneously identifying relationships between different sets of data.

Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Re-Search specifically addresses the amendments made to FRCP e-Discovery rules. With e-Discovery, requests for production of electronic records as well as identifying how and where data is stored within existing networks, companies are complying with Rule 26(a)(1)B. By using e-BRIDGE Re-Search, businesses can manage all information recalled through a legal discovery process in-house, without the need to resort to highly specialized service-based legal firms. The solution dramatically reduces the most costly and time-intensive part of the discovery process, and manages the information in-place without disrupting user workflow.

When used in combination with Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Re-Rite or eCopy programs, e-BRIDGE Re-Search streamlines storing and managing both hard copy and electronically-stored forms of information and keeps them easily accessible in the e-Discovery process. The e-BRIDGE Re-Search software offers users an intuitive search interface with multiple keyword search options, including file name, file type, metadata field or the contents of the individual document. The solution supports all file formats with optimized data extraction for multiple file formats, including e-mail, HTML, Microsoft Office applications, PDF, image files, sound files and even video files, allowing any type of data to be easily searched. The result is a complete, comprehensive solution for managing the entire breadth of a company's information.

Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Re-Search is designed to leverage a company's existing network security model, eliminating the need for IT to manage yet another security system. The solution's initial scan indexes a business' network, crossing operating systems and/or hardware platforms, and gathering all existing information. A decentralized structure allows companies to manage data where it resides, without disrupting the current workflow or productivity. Additionally, e-BRIDGE Re-Search checks users' search queries against the existing network security settings, ensuring users can only see the search results they are authorized to view.

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