Marketers ‘Turn a Blind Eye’ to Green Issues

Three quarters of marketers think their department could do more to help the environment – but 80 per cent have never measured their company's carbon footprint, according to a survey by Acxiom, the leaders in customer information management.

150 marketers from a range of sectors were surveyed for this study, which addressed corporate attitudes towards green issues. It found that over half of marketing directors had no specific environmental objectives in place.

The research also reveals that consumer perception is a growing concern to marketing directors. While just 15 per cent believe that customers' awareness of environmental policy significantly affects engagement with the company today, the majority (61 per cent) believe it will impact customer engagement in the future. Only 2 per cent declared that customer awareness would not be an issue.

"It's good to see that marketers are concerned about the environment – but worryingly the majority are still not taking substantive steps to make green marketing a reality", said Keith Jones, group leader of multi-industry solutions and services at Acxiom.

"If marketing directors don't know what their carbon footprint is and where environmental weaknesses lie, how can they effectively change processes?"

Keith Jones says that in 2008, taking a greener approach to marketing will become more of a priority for every organisation in the UK.

"Green marketing is not about ad hoc 'green' measures, such as introducing recycling bins. Instead, it requires departments to follow a strategy that ensures all marketing activity is effective, efficient and sustainable."

"By using the right data to drive more targeted and intelligent campaigns, companies can start to reduce their carbon footprint – and become more successful at achieving marketing goals in the process."

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