Sybase 365 Launches AvantGo for Symbian Smart Phones

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, has announced the launch of the AvantGo client for smartphones based on Symbian OS and S60. Symbian smartphone users can now access updated, customized content from thousands of mobile Websites anytime and anywhere in either an online or offline mode in a format that is optimized for the device.

Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers. To date, more than 165 million Symbian smartphones have shipped worldwide to over 250 mobile network operators.

AvantGo for S60 on Symbian OS caches content locally, providing enhanced navigation, faster browsing and dual online and offline availability. In addition, AvantGo utilizes a patented advanced sync technology that updates pages on the device, giving users access to the latest news and information around the clock.

AvantGo provides media content partners and advertisers with a turnkey, ad-funded mobile distribution solution without the cost of building an initial mobile audience or advertiser network and provides advertisers with reach into a highly desirable mobile audience. As a result, hundreds of major brands use AvantGo, which in turn provides mobile users access to both quantity and quality of content.

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