Zodiac Interactive Announces Zodigo

Zodiac Interactive has launched a new mobile content search engine, Zodigo. Much like a Movies-On-Demand service from cable operators, Zodigo is navigated either by remote control or by keyboard and mouse and includes revolutionary features that make it easy for consumers to discover and download mobile content instantly to their mobile phones. Zodigo is also the first and only software platform built for release on digital TV systems (cable, satellite, & telco), Blu-ray & HD-DVD players, all next-gen gaming consoles (Wii, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3), as well as at and many other Web distribution partners. Perhaps most importantly, Zodigo is an intelligent system that quickly and automatically learns about users' preferences, as well as their exact mobile phone type, and recommends only content that works for that phone.

Zodigo allows consumers to channel and Web surf to discover great content for their mobile phones. Whether it's games, applications, ringtones, movies, podcasts, coupons, mobile manga, tickets, alerts, or full songs, Zodigo helps consumers easily find and download interesting stuff recommended by like-minded people.

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